Texoma Wine Trail

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Taste the diversity of wine

What do you think of when you think of Texas? Most people will think of cowboys, cattle, and tumbleweeds. True, those are all found in Texas. Texas is also a wine producer. Continue reading Texoma Wine Trail

Zip lining with Slotzilla

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Slotzilla – a giant slot machine zip line

Would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Would you jump from a building that was structurally sound? Not even on fire or anything as Continue reading Zip lining with Slotzilla

Vacation Rental Tips

Do you have a vacation rental? Do you want to know how to attract renters and acquire return customers?

Check out my interview with Kigo to get tips on what travelers and empty nesters are looking for when they rent a vacation home.

I detail what renters are looking for. What they don’t want. Ways to word your listing to highlight the positive aspects of your property and make it shine!

There is also a funny story of a place I stayed… that I can laugh about now!

So check it out HERE!

Kigo is a web-based, scalable solution that provides vacation rental managers with all of the critical features they need in one, easy-to-use solution, including reservation management, distribution, marketing, revenue management, eSignature and websites.

Sailing the Sea of Cortez video

sailing la paz mexico
In our rented catamaran from Moorings we had a stress free vacation on our terms

Sailing to unplug

Before we became empty nesters we sailed the Sea of Cortez with our sons. This is a video of our adventure with our sons. Continue reading Sailing the Sea of Cortez video

Will You Help Me?

I need your help and vote!

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I need your vote! Will you help me?

Hello to all my followers, friends and fabulous random people who read this!!

I need your help! I am applying for a travel writing assignment with Dreamjobbing and Puerto Vallarta Visitors Bureau.

I have created a one minute video explaining who I am, why I love to travel, and why I think that I would be the perfect person for this assignment.

What I will deliver to you if I am chosen for this assignment.

I will share with you, my followers, where the best places to eat, explore, and relax in so you do not waste your precious vacation time.

We all seem to have a shortage of vacation time and funds – unless of course, you just won the lottery!

Why waste that time and money trying to figure out where to go to have the best street tacos? Want a luxurious ultimate relaxation spa experience? Or how about something more off-road and daring, such as driving dune buggies, exploring ghost towns, or zip-lining through the rainforest? I will tell you where and with who to book with if you will cast your vote for me.

We all have those unpleasant vacation experiences that we talk about. “The boat captain was…”, “the food was cold, tasteless, etc.,”, “I did not feel safe as I…”, “the room was dirty”. I could go on and on.  My goal it to help remove those uncertainties so you will only have fabulous experiences in Puerto Vallarta.

I will create action travel videos as well as written articles for you to watch and read.

Sign up for my newsletter so you do not miss any travel advise about Puerto Vallarta

What I need from you

I need you to  watch my video, and vote for me to be sent to Puerto Vallarta.

I have to warn you, there is a very short window to vote in. Voting entries close September 19, 2016.  So, please vote today! Just go to www.dreamjobbing.com. Watch my short one minute video and cast your vote for me today.

It is FREE for you!

The process is easy and FREE.  From your laptop or desktop (mobile devices are more difficult to work with) go to their website, www.dreamjobbing.com,  and create a FREE account. They will not spam your email, I promise! I did it for a friend a few years ago.

You are NOT required to buy anything (there is nothing to buy), sign up for subscriptions, or do any crazy surveys. Just open a free account, and vote for me. That’s all there is. Very simple and easy.

Remember, in return, I will tell you where to get the most out of your time in Puerto Vallarta.


Empty Nest Emotions

empty nest emotions
Empty Nestopia

Empty Nest – not quite as ready as we thought

I thought I was ready. My husband thought he was ready. We were both wrong. We were surprised and caught off guard by the strong emotions we were feeling – the hollow pit in our stomachs, the Continue reading Empty Nest Emotions

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