Travel is hard work

Travel is hard work

Travel is hard work

3, 2, ZZZZ…..

No matter how we travel. Whether we are driving or flying it seems like it only takes Ian a few minutes and he is out cold. It seems like he can sleep anywhere at almost any time of the day or night. Today was no different. We had been awake for a few hours and about 15 minutes into a 29 minute flight this is what I see….

travel, sleep on the plane, nap, catching some zzz's
catching a quick nap

I wish that I could fall asleep that fast and easy!

The Travel Plug-in Challenge

The addition of charging stations throughout airports has been a welcome change over the last few years! I can remember a time when it was difficult to find an outlet. When you did, you held your breath hoping that it worked.  It seemed like many times when a working outlet was found there was a line to use it. That is one of the reasons that I always pack a power strip in my carry-on.

travel, airport charging station, plugins, charging, chargers,
charging stations are a welcome sight when traveling

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