We like to ghost, by that I mean we like to go to haunted places. We like to try to capture them on our cameras. Sometimes we manage to capture something on film (so to speak in this digital age) but most of the time we do not.

Haunted Tour in Edinburg

We took a ghost tour during a trip Edinburg into the very dark and dank underground tunnels. We learned of hundreds of deaths due to plague, murder and just plain horrible conditions of living in tunnels. There was no fresh air. No clean water. Nor a place to sleep that was not laced with mold, rat and human feces and urine. It was mostly uneventful. But I did get one picture that may have an apparition in it…… or maybe not, you decide.

Is this a ghost?

This is an unaltered photo that I took with my phone of a dark balcony ledge. When I took the picture it was pitch-black. When the flash went off I did not see anything on the ledge. There is a wall mounted light, which was not on, in the lower left hand corner. Do you see a figure standing on the ledge peeking out watching us walk underneath?

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Ghost tour in Edinburg

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