An Evening With Manta Rays Video

An Evening With Manta Rays Video

Moonlight Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Manta rays have been a source of legends and myths for hundreds of years. Sailors at one time believed that they would attack and sink boats by grabbing the anchors to pull them under water and swallowing the entire crew.

The Rays

Although there is still much to learn, we do know that they are docile graceful and beautiful creatures. They glide through the ocean effortlessly on their large triangular pectoral fins, turning and looping their bodies as they scoop up plankton in their large mouths.

Manta rays are filter feeders that can reach sizes from 18 feet to as large as 23 feet and weigh as much as a ton. They have tough cartilage rather than bones that make up their skeletons.  They have a gestation period of a year at which time they produce live “pups”.

Bucket List

This was such an exciting and thrilling adventure! I will talk about it and relive the memories with intense fondness for the rest of my life.  Snorkeling with rays made me feel like I was filming my own episode of National Geographic. I was so enthralled watching the rays sail through the water that I had a difficult time remembering to keep the camera rolling.

Who To Go With

Splashers Ocean Adventures in Kona, Hawaii was a fabulous tour company that took us out in a zodiac boat for the tour. They supplied us with wet suits and snorkel gear. The trip from the dock to the snorkel location was a short 10-15 minute trip. I will say, I was rather surprised at how smooth the ride was. It was very easy to sit on the edge of the boat and slip into the water. The raft float for holding onto and watching the rays was only 2-3 feet away so there was no need for flippers.  There was also a member of the crew that was outfitted with dive equipment that assisted in getting people to and from the raft float if needed.

The crew was very helpful and courteous. After the hour long excursion they offered us snacks of granola bars and chips with water to hydrat us.

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