Maui – A tropical Escape Video

Maui – A tropical Escape Video

Experience Maui

Maui is a lush tropical island brimming with romance and adventure. It is the second largest island in the state of Hawaii. It is also called the Valley Isle because of the deep valleys weave between the Southern and Northern volcanoes and throughout the island.


Due to its varying elevations there are several micro-climates that range from dry with minimal rainfall to very humid with heavy rainfall, up to 400″ per year. The islands day temperature’s range from 70-90 degrees, but the evening temperatures varies with the elevation. The higher elevations of Upcountry Maui, 1700-4500 ft., can get as low as 40 degrees during the winter evenings with the lower elevations only varying by 10-15 degrees of the daytime temperatures.


Hawaii is a beautifully diverse state with numerous activities for the outdoor enthusiast. You can snorkel (check out a video here or read about it here), you can hike, parasail, fish, check out farmers markets, or hang-out on the beach just to list a very small variety of activities.

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