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Several weeks ago I spent some time with my niece whom I had not seen in several years. This was a much needed and because of certain circumstances, a very over due visit for the two of us.

The last time that I saw her she was a young child. Now she is a tweenie –  trying to make the transition from a child to a young adult. I remember how difficult that transition was. The emotional ups and downs, the wanting so bad to be a “grown-up” but not really knowing how to get there. When I would make a  mistake it was magnified by someone saying “you don’t know any better because you are a kid” or “well, that just shows that you are not ready to be an adult”….  like we all know adults are perfect and never make a mistake.

Movie for laughs

The first movie that we watched was Minions The Movie directed by Pierre Coffin. I think that everyone is at least a little familiar with who the Minions are and what their greatest joy in life is…. to serve a Boss. So in this movie they are on the search for a new Boss and the movie is all about the travels that Kevin, Stuart and Bob have in order to find that Boss and the potential boss’s (villains) that they meet along the way. In the end their travels take them to London, England. Having just been to London, the comments and actions that Kevin, Stuart and Bob made  were just cracking up so much my niece thought I was nuts!

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In one scene they were going up a tower in Buckingham Palace. The Minions pass the first window and they are running, full of energy. The second window they are going a little slower. The third window even a bit slower. By the fourth window they are dragging! That was so funny because I felt the same way! There are so many stairs in England, the people of past generations must have had buns of steel! Not only are there so many stairs, everywhere, they also seem to be all circular. Seriously, I was going up and down so many circular staircases that I was getting dizzy! When I would come down I would have to take several breaks! I kid you not!

The other thing that was funny in the movie was when they were riding the tube (subway). When the doors of the train open and there is a recording that says “mind the gap, mind the gap” over and over. That was a hoot to hear in the movie!

Movie for thought

The other movie we watched was Inside Out. Let me just say, wow! Wow as in I did not think that a cartoon could be so insightful on the human emotions and psyche. It explained them in ways that I had not thought of. It really brought home how each emotion works both separately and with each other. It showed how interactions with other people and events in our life form and shape who we are by creating “islands” in our inner being.

It also hit very close to home as to how new people we meet and new interactions can change who we used to be or how we used to think by modifying or even destroying those “islands”. I would highly recommend watching this movie to anyone, young or old, who is having emotional conflicts or if you just want better insight or new perspective on how “the inner being” works.

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