My 2015 in a nut shell

My 2015 in a nut shell

My 2015 in a nut shell divider_scroll

Looking back, 2015 was a very active year. It contained some big steps and changes, and some small. There were quiet-momentous moments and there were loud-joyous moments. 2015 was a year of discovery, growth, and shedding of old shells.

I hope that 2016 continues with that same momentum and theme.

This is my 2015 in a nut shell, without divulging to much incriminating info:

Started the year in a still relatively new place, new surroundings, new environment. Trying to feel settled and situated

Came to terms with good-byes from long ago

Became closer to old friends

Made a new circle of friends

Saw my youngest child graduate from high school

Saw my oldest child start college with new vigor

Started a new career

Started a network web that spans the globe

Toured U.K. for 3 weeks

Experienced a new city and state

Became involved

Almost lost someone very dear

Almost lost someone else that is becoming important again

Re-kindled the flame that I saw in that sexy man that I am proud to call my husband

Re-affirmed who and what family is

Rediscovered me

I now feel settled and situated

Take a moment to reflect on your 2015. I hope your 2016 is better, more productive, more fun, more engaging, and you have more opportunity for growth.

Happy New Year!

Welcome   2016

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