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Work with me

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About Me

Heralding from the far northern state of Alaska, I was always outside doing something, whether it was wrestling pigs on the farm, running a small dog sled team, fishing for 60 lb. King Salmon or just hiking through the woods trying to avoid bears. It is because of that upbringing, that I have no fear of exploring a place I have never been to or to eat something that others may crinkle their nose at – ask me about Eskimo Ice Cream. I have swum with sea lions in Espiritu Santo, La Paz, Mexico. I have gotten lost in Venice to discover it. I have sailed the coasts of Alaska and snow machined its backcountry. I have zip-lined through tropical rainforests and flown a WWII plane in a mock ‘dog-fight.’ View my portfolio at 

About Empty Nestopia

Empty Nestopia is all about showing empty nesters how to discover fun and adventure after the kids have flown the coop. I show my followers how to explore the world, find the unique, the romantic, and the fantastic experiences that will put the fun back in life and keep them young-at- heart. I expose my followers to diverse activities, cultures and unique foods that will expand their horizons. My followers want to rediscover life and adventure after their children have moved out. My followers are couples, singles of all backgrounds, ranging from those who have traveled a couple of times to those who have traveled the world.

What I can offer you

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Travel Photography
  • Destination Promotion
  • Partnership Packages
  • Hotel Review
  • Product Review
  • Video Content

Who I Have Worked With

  • Shreveport CVB
  • Puerto Vallarta Tourism
  • Dark Crescent Tours – NOLA
  • Jean Laffite Tours – NOLA
  • Marker Cellars Vineyard