Middleham Castle – England Video

Middleham Castle – England Video

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle in Wensleydale  in North Yorkshire was a worthwhile stop in England. We had a great time exploring the castle, which is now in ruins. We had fun imagining the dinner parties, guests, and life in general living in a castle.

King Richard III spent many childhood summers at the castle where he trained for knighthood. He later married Anne Neville who gave birth to their son Edward. Rumor has it that Edward, who died at a young age at the castle, haunts the castle looking for other children to play with.

England is a great place to visit –  full of history, intrigue, mystery and delicious hearty food. We had a very tasty lunch at The Botanist in Chester and visited several unique pubs that served hearty shepherds pie with a tall pint of Guinness.


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