Food Truck – Not just an American thing

Food Truck – Not just an American thing

Food Truck Love.

Oh, my word! I could not believe my eyes. I found a little bit of home in this diverse Mexican city. A city with eclectic neighborhoods, rich with old world Mexican charm and modern flair, one that is home to local natives and expats alike. Now, also home to Food Truck Gastro Bar PV, a food truck park that is charming and inviting!

Food Park Gastro Bar PV is conveniently located near Fluvial Vallarta, next to the Puerto Luna Hotel Resort and opposite of the Villa del Palmar.

It is the first and only food truck park in Puerto Vallarta. The food trucks circle a pavilion-style, open-air building creating a community square. Wooden picnic tables offer family-style seating with palms and potted plants. As night falls, the pavilion is lit up by hanging white lights creating an atmosphere for conversing and socializing over a great meal. The dining experience is both romantic and casual.

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relaxed atmosphere

Park Grill Container has a shrimp burrito meal that is so large that it can feed two people. Sauteed in a light butter sauce with garlic and Tajin* (see note below) over an open flame, the shrimp are juicy, tender and with just a hint of smoke to deepen the flavors. A delicious burrito that leaves you craving more.

Sushi and Mexico are not words that typically coincide together. Until Kashi Sushi that is. They have done a fabulous job of bringing the two together with a tropical flair. Their Banana Roll takes the traditional roll and wraps it in thinly sliced plantains and drizzled with a light semi-sweet sauce sprinkled with black sesame seeds. This roll truly was a fun experience for my taste buds.

The food park also has wheeled-eateries that offer American flavors such as pizza, hamburgers (rumored to be the best sirloin burgers in Vallarta), gourmet sandwiches, and waffles. What is the big deal about waffles you ask?

Mr. & Mrs. Waffle of Puerto Vallarta have taken waffles to a new level. For breakfast (or dessert)  there are waffles with towering layers of strawberries, bananas, sliced apples, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup drizzles. Then there are savory waffles that are dressed up with all the fixings of a pizza. Piled high with mushrooms, pineapple, basil, ham, all draped with melted fresh mozzarella – a little slice of Hawaii in Mexico. These waffles are not content to be served just at the beginning of the day.

puerto vallarta, waffle, foodie, food truck, mexico, gourmet
Breakfast or Dessert? Photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Waffle
puerto vallarta, food truck, waffle, pizza, foodie
Slice of Hawaii waffle pizza. Photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Waffle

Where is it!

How to find Food Truck Gastro Bar:

Open Monday to Wednesday and Sundays from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.; Thursday and Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m

*Tajin – a salt blend of lime, chile, onions and pepper.

Tajin – Mexican seasoning

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