8 Things to do at the Texas Renaissance Festival

8 Things to do at the Texas Renaissance Festival
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In the small town of Todd Mission, Texas approximately 50 miles northwest of Houston is the largest renaissance festival in this country. The Texas Renaissance Festival is 55 acres of fun, fantasy, and merriment. Founded in 1974 by George Coulam, the festival welcomes half a million guests annually who via their imagination, are transported to another time and land.

The Texas Renaissance Festival proudly tips its hat to the over 500 costumed performers on 17 stages, and nearly 400 shops featuring unique artisans, merchants, craft vendors, human-powered rides and a diverse assortment of food purveyors offering mouth-watering dishes with a home-cooked flair. The festival runs eight weekends from October to November annually. Each weekend has a theme which in turn influences the vibe of the festival that weekend, the performances, games, and contests for that weekend.  The themes for the eight-weekend event are Oktoberfest, 1001 Dreams, All Hallows Eve, Pirate Adventure, Roman Bacchanal, Barbarian Invasion, Highland Fling and Celtic Christmas.

There is so much to see, do and taste that there is not enough time in one day. Thankfully there are hotels and B&B’s nearby that you can book a room at or bring your camping gear or RV and stay at the festival in one of their camping locations for a nominal fee.

8 Must Do’s at the Texas Renaissance Festival:

Watch a live show

With 17 stages there is a wide variety of music and performances to choose from. They are all geared towards fun and frivolity with audience interaction.

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Polka Band in the German Village
renaissance, texas, TRF, empty nester, festival
Pirate Band

Hang out in a pub

Have a seat in one of the many pubs and drinking (non-alcoholic drinks as well as mead, wine, and beer) establishments, rest your feet and strike up a conversation with the person next to you. You never know who you might meet! We met an individual who was a fire spinner performer at the festival but for her day job, she was a legal assistant who also dabbled in interior design!

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Say hi to your neighbor
renaissance, texas, TRF, festival, emtpy nester, empty nestopia
You will meet some interesting people!
renaissance, texas, TRF, festival, empty nester, empty nestopia
Enjoy and have fun!

Watch a jousting match

The jousting is entertaining to watch with knights vying for the maiden’s hand.

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Try your hand at playing a game

There are many games for the young and young at heart to play. Not into games? How about a ride?

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Rides for kids
Play one of the many games

Watch the Renaissance vendor parade

The vendors gather together with flags and small displays of their wares to show off in a parade around the festival grounds.

renaissance, texas, TRF, festival, empty nester, empty nestopia, parade
Watch the parade
renaissance, texas, TRF, emtpy nest, empty nestopia, parade
Displaying wares

Go to the weekend kick off pre-party

Every Friday and Saturday there is a  pre-party (21 and over) to celebrate the start of the weekend. The decorations are elaborate and fantastic to see! There is a costume contest for the best dressed and a D.J. that plays a wide variety of dance music.

renaissance, texas, TRF, empty nest, empty nestopia, party, festival, dance
Dance! Dance! Dance!
renaissance, texas, TRF, empty nest, empty nestopia. party, dance, trapeze
Acrobatic entertainers

People watch

There are so many interesting people there, both in costume and not, this is a whole entertainment venue on its own!

renaissance, texas, TRF, empty nest, empty nestopia, festival, village
So many things to see
renaissance, texas, TRF, emtpy nest, empty nestopia, faries, fairy, costume
The creatures we discovered!
renaissance, TRF, festival, texas, costume, costumes, emtpy nest, empty nestopia
So much to see!


What ever you do, have fun! There is something for everyone! Sample the food, wash it down with a cold beverage, cheer for the performers and browse the huge selection of shops with handcrafted one-of-a-kind goods!

renaissance, texas, TRF, festival, pub, foodie, emtpy nest, empty nestopia,
Unique flavors to try
renaissance, texas, TRF, emtpy nest, empty nestopia, foodie, food vendor, festival food
Many selections to choose from
renaissance, texas, emtpy nest, emtpy nestopia, festival, pub, beer, bar, drink, TRF
Wash lunch down with a cold drink

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