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Casual and relaxed not sacrificing class or sophistication

Old World Meets Contemporary Flair.

What do you get when you mix generations of tested recipes from Banderas Bay with creative contemporary flair and technique? You get Tintoque. Celebrating Puerto Vallarta’s coastal bounty, Tintoque derives its name from a pre-Hispanic fishing town once located near Punta de Mita, just north of Puerto Vallarta.

Catch of the day – fresh Sea Bass with a smoked pineapple puree, celery salad, guajillo pepper salsa, and garnished with cherry tomatoes

Tintoque, located in Puerto Vallarta’s marina district, is one of the newest hot spots that people are singing about from the rooftops.  Chef Joel Ornelas is the creative mastermind behind this unique dining experience. He has created an atmosphere that is casual but yet classy and upscale. There is a feeling of wanting to take your time with dining to savor the artistic flair and attention to detail put into designing each plate.

tintoque, chef joel ornelas, mexican cuisine, puerto vallarta, mexico, foodie, chayote, squash, salad, gastro delight,
chayote squash on a bed of fried calamari with mashed sweet carrots

A Feast For Your Eyes and Mouth

Each dish is created using fresh products from local farmers and fishermen. Chef Ornelas transforms old world recipes – reinventing them with his own signature style combination of spice and colorful textures of ingredients.

tintoque, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Chef Joel Ornelas, cheesecake mousse, dessert, decadent, foodie, gastro delight, sweet
Cheesecake Mousse – passion fruit, sugared pecans, fresh berries and garnished with fresh flowers

If you are looking for a special place to have a special meal – Tintoque should be on your radar.

Tamarind Margarita with candied ginger



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