Sailing the Sea of Cortez video

Sailing the Sea of Cortez video
sailing la paz mexico
In our rented catamaran from Moorings we had a stress free vacation on our terms

Sailing to unplug

Before we became empty nesters we sailed the Sea of Cortez with our sons. This is a video of our adventure with our sons.

We rented a catamaran from Mooring Charters in La Paz, Mexico on the Baja Peninsula. Sailing the bay of La Paz was a very memorable family trip.

It was rewarding to “unplug” from the digital world and spend quality time with each other.  One of the highlights of the trip was swimming with the sea lions of Los Islotes.


The beaches were spectacular and pristine. We found a wide range of shells  washed up on shore. One exciting shell that our youngest found was that of a sea turtle. It was about 3 ft. long, from tip to tip.

Moorings made it affordable

Renting a yacht from Moorings Charters was actually very cost effective compared to other family vacations of similar length. We were on the water for a full week. When we figured out hotel costs, car rental, dinning, entertainment, and souvenirs – we saved money!

Have questions about sailing and chartering a boat? Want more details about taking to the water with your family? Shoot me an email!

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