Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Graduate High School

Our next overseas trip is fast approaching! When our kids graduate high school they get to choose a vacation destination for that year.

The Rules

There are rules that they have to follow when they choose a spot. It has to be out of the US. It has to be a stable country and it has to be friendly towards women (naturally!).


We want to show our children that even though the world is very large and vast, it is also small. It is very easy to travel if you have the desire. We want to expose our children to diverse cultures, ideas and beliefs. We believe that by doing this, they will be more well-rounded individuals. More empathetic towards other cultures. And that you do not have to be afraid of differences or the unknown.


This graduation will be taking us  to England, Scotland and Wales. We are looking forward to this new adventure! We are staying in 7 different B&B’s ranging from a flat in London to a 1700’s pub to a working farm in Falkirk.


We plan on visiting castles, Roman ruins, a Grotto or two and anything else that strikes our fancy! It is hard to believe that this trip, which has been in the works for 3 years, is finally here! Our son has worked hard for this reward and in a short time one chapter of his life will come to an end and another will start. This is a proud parent!

a young Ian
a young Ian

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